Fried Chicken Mushroom

That’s no joke. Lyophyllum decastes is commonly known as the fried chicken mushroom, and the answer is Yes, it does taste a little like fried chicken—at least to me it does, although Wildman Steve Brill begs to differ. It’s greasy like fried chicken and a little bit chewy. The stems are fibrous, so you’re better off using just the caps. I floured mine and pan-fried in butter. Pretty simple.

Fried chicken mushrooms grow in clumps (sometimes huge clumps of several pounds or more) in disturbed areas. They’re common along roadsides, but beware: these same roadsides are often sprayed with herbicides and other nasty chemicals which get biomagnified by the mushroom; make sure you pick these in safe areas.

One thought on “Fried Chicken Mushroom

  1. Anonymous

    Where did you get the information that says fungi “biomagnify?” chemicals from the ground.

    Most sources I have studied say that unless they are physically sprayed, then they are ok.

    I agree you should not eat off of a roadside, but your reasoning is off. Mushrooms are being used in bio-remediation but the chemicals do not show up systemically as they do in plants used for the same, such as raspberry and hemp.


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