Oyster Po’ Boys and Beer for Everyone!

My friends and fellow oyster lovers, as a finalist candidate in the Great Oyster Decider Election of ’08, I’m asking for your vote in the upcoming election, sponsored by MarxFoods.com, so I can win four dozen fresh Puget Sound oysters. I promise to fete my supporters with Oyster Po’ Boys and Beer ’til the cows come home. Just stop on by Oyster Headquarters in Seattle’s lovely Mt. Baker neighborhood. Now that’s a promise, y’hear!

Vote early…and often!

I'm a Finalist in the Marx Foods Oyster Contest

7 thoughts on “Oyster Po’ Boys and Beer for Everyone!

  1. Justin Marx

    I wondered whether it was rigged too because little Will is definitely schooling all the adults…but, then I checked the poll logs…and his votes are all coming from unique IPs. (plus, I know that the settings are such to avoid ballot stuffing)

    Will must’ve gotten an email out to his school’s listserv or something.

    But, fear not. There’s still 48 hours of voting! Plenty of time to catch up. Know any elementary schools that you can recruit?

  2. Finspot

    I’m told robo-calls aren’t working this season, so maybe it’s time to accept defeat in the face of excessive cuteness. But Will, m’boy, when yer older c’mon by and try a po’ boy and beer (3.2 if necessary) and see if mom really knew where the good action was at…


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