Houston, we have cover art!

Here it is folks, the Fat of the Land book cover. The book won’t be published until August 30, but it feels a little bit more real now, even if the jacket only exists as pixels on a screen.

Try as we may, pretty much all of us judge books by their covers. Social scientists suggest there are evolutionary reasons for this, since making a snap judgment about a friend or foe was often a decision fraught with life-or-death consequences for our prehistoric ancestors. Like all cliches, there’s a grain of truth at the heart of the book cover trope. I know I’m guilty. One of my favorite books of the year probably wouldn’t have gotten even a cursory flip-through at the bookstore if I hadn’t decided to buy it sight unseen after reading a review.

Happily, I’m pleased with the cover. I like the type fonts and those deep blue cobblestones. The fork is a nice touch, too, and the crab—well, that was my idea. You can’t really go wrong with a crab. Crabs are cool (the ones you eat, that is).

Okay, enough of that. I’ve still got to make a few edits to the first typeset pages and get those in by tomorrow. Then it’s out of my hands forever.

P.S. You can pre-order it now.

17 thoughts on “Houston, we have cover art!

  1. Janie

    I’ve only just found your blog and am very excited to read about a future book I will deffo need to add to my collection.

    Good luck with it!

    Janie x

    PS for what it’s worth I think the cover looks pretty cool too!

  2. esmaa

    Yay! And congratulations!

    I cannot wait to have a copy in my hands. Please forgive, for I know I will write in the margins and dog-ear pages before I’ve had my copy more than a few hours.

    She who ate wild onions whilst hiking yesterday

  3. Donovan

    Congratulations! The cover looks great and I love seeing the crab which to me helps illustrate the broader view of foraging not just in the woods, but in the water as well.

  4. dp

    That is so awesome! One step closer–I can only imagine your excitement!

    The cover has some texture to it–I like that. Did you take the picture of the crab yourself?

  5. sally

    Bingo, cover looks fantastic. It depicts one of my all time favorite scenes/pastimes: a stoney beach with time to forage for whatever. Congrats.

  6. Trixi

    Terrific cover. Looking forward to it. Congratulations on an achievement that most of us can only wish for. I hope that you inlcuded LOTS of recipes!

  7. Poppy

    Congrats! The cover looks excellent and I’m certain what’s inside will be even better. Can’t wait.

  8. Mike

    Seriously, do you have any comment on the profound similarity to the cover of Prodigy’s album of the same name? I saw your book in a bookstore, and I assumed there was some connection. Infinitely curious.


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