Northern California: From Woods to Plate

Dear Bay Area Readers: Next week I’ll be visiting your neck of the woods to give a couple talks on wild mushroom cookery. I’ll be speaking (and showing slides) at the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz on Wednesday, February 16,  and again the following night, Thursday, February 17, at the Bay Area Mycological Society in Berkeley. Come on by and say hello.

3 thoughts on “Northern California: From Woods to Plate

  1. Jason

    I’ve never been a confident eater, let alone gatherer, of mushrooms — but my wife and I would like to add this fourth kingdom to our diet more regularly.

    Do you ever get down to Southern California with any of your talks?

  2. LC

    Jason – I haven’t been south of Santa Cruz…yet. Check back here for updates. I’ll be in Sonoma in April. Maybe SoCal down the line.

    Cameal – Thanks for the kind words. I was in Vancouver last July, strictly for pleasure. Any excuse to visit. Heading over to look at your mushorom finds now…


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