7 thoughts on “Spring Mushroom Camp, Sisters, OR

  1. Geno

    So many beautiful mushrooms! I have never seen b.edilus in the spring before. Is that normal there? This is the start of our second year in Sandpoint and we have only found a handful of morels.

  2. t-mos

    cool post, love the cleats! did you ask them or otherwise hear about any reports of violence at this camp? i’ve heard the matsi camps can get pretty ugly but haven’t heard of much nastiness at the spring morel/bolete camps. though, i have heard of some occasional problems at fire morel camps.

  3. LC

    Geno – As Russell mentioned, our spring variety of porcini on the West Coast is Boletus rex-veris, which receive species status a few years ago. Keep looking. Sandpoint should have both morels and spring porcini.

    Russell – I’d be out there this weekend…

    t-mos – No violence. Much of what you hear is hyperbole, or not mushroom-related. Everyone was pretty friendly.

    adalynfarm – It’s a strange mix of campout and work. Some of the pickers are just hanging out & partying, but others are trying to pay off debts, put away some cash, etc.

    Brian – Not a good year for naturals. Mostly singletons.


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