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***UPDATE*** Thanks for the comments. Oysters and stinging nettles seem to be topping the list, along with some oddities like kangaroo. Whoever the “unknown” poster is in the first two comments, received at 9:26 a.m. and 9:29 a.m. respectively, you’ll need to get in touch with me in order to claim your tickets. Email finspotcook at gmail dot com. Thanks for playing everyone!

I have a pair of tickets to give away to Seattle Weekly‘s 4th Annual Voracious Tasting and Food Awards. I’m setting the bar super high…be the first to leave a non-robo, spam-free comment and they’re yours. Let’s make this quid pro quo: tell me about the last really good wild edible you ate, whether in a restaurant or at home, and what made it so good.

From the press release: “Held at the Paramount Theatre, Voracious Tasting will feature bites from 40 of the areaʼs great restaurants and food trucks, an open bar with beer and wine, and cocktails stirred by over a dozen mixologists from some of our favorite watering holes. Join us as we toast Seattleʼs diversity of delicious local cuisine at a reasonable price of $45!”

That makes this pair of free tix a $90 value. Comments open.

19 thoughts on “Win Free Tickets to Voracious Tasting

  1. Unknown

    Last spring, inspired by you, I harvested a ton of nettles and made them into pesto. I just ate the last of it last week and am hankering for more!

    It was so satisfying to serve to myself (and guests!) food that I had spent harvesting and processing myself. Many people had never eaten nettles at all!

  2. Unknown

    Last spring I harvested a lot of wild nettles from a nearby farm- the farmer was happy to have me grab the “weeds” and I was happy to serve delicious pesto to myself (and guests!) all winter.

    What made it so satisfying was all the work I put into harvesting and processing, thinking about all the good stuff in nettles, and introducing a new food to many friends.

  3. AliAlex

    Hi! I wish the last wild thing I ate was more exciting, but it was a blackberry cocktail made from blackberries picked right near my building. It was yummy though!

  4. Christine

    Well the most delicious wild edible I ate recently were some briny, fresh oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard. They were full of flavor, tasted bright and of course oysters are also super fun to slurp and eat.

    I am also planning on getting out in the next day or two to forage for some nettles, and hopefully I’ll concoct something delicious out of them too!

  5. Kaari

    Last wild edible eaten was several weeks ago. From this past hunting season, I still had a few pheasant left in the freezer. I made tortilla soup with the thigh and leg meat. It turned out really well and had plenty of wild fowl flavor you can’t get from chicken.

  6. Jeremy McKnight

    Latest really good wild edible? A pair of oysters my son and I managed to pry open on a beach last weekend. Oysters are always great, but this was especially good since I had nothing to shuck the shells with, and my 4-yr-old son found me a nice sharp rock to pry the shells open. He also “tasted” the oyster from one, and said he would eat a whole one “next time”.

  7. Betsy R.

    hi – new reader Betsy here. let’s see, the last wild edible…to be totally honest it hasn’t been since blackberry season and eating blackberries off bushes near my parent’s house on Fir Island. clearly i need to start foraging more!

  8. Sunny

    Ooh, ooh, me! You know I’m fond of truffles, but a nice dandelion green salad with green goddess dressing made with nettles is a spring favorite. Can’t wait to gather some nettles (soon!) and revisit that gnudi recipe of yours.

  9. Anonymous

    don’t know if thew last one went, one more try. Had Kangaroo at a barbecue 2 weeks ago in Melbourne AU.

  10. Lil' Matrix

    To expand on the razor clams… Spending the day with friends and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Also the simple nuoc cham dressing with some thai bird chilies that was used to toss the razor clams in. The simple things in life are often the most delicious.

  11. feriel malti

    My boyfriend and I have recently moved here from Texas and have recently developed a huge interest in foraging. The only problem is it’s quite the blind passion. I follow your blog, with wide eyes and curiosity. We decided to do some clamming a few weeks ago(my first time) and after many laughs, muddy pajama pants and cold cold fingers we went home with a good amount of oysters and clams. Our first time shucking skills gave our raw oysters an extra crunch and our impatience to eat our clams made them heavy on the sand seasoning, but the memories and the feelings we had created will last us forever.


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