Dept. of Horn Tooting

Here at FOTL Headquarters, we’re happy to announce our inclusion in the March issue of Bon Appétit (Expert Advice Q&A column, page 28). Many thanks to contributing editor Eric Steinman for making it happen (and Emily!).

If you’re a Bon Appétit reader and just found your way here, thanks for dropping by and please take a look around. You’ll find info on:

And plenty more. Use the menu of labels at right to find specific topics.

I also post recipes and cover topics related to tools and food storage.

There are lots of reasons to forage. For one thing, the taste of wild foods can’t be duplicated in domesticity—and for another, they’re good for you. But mostly I like to forage because it’s fun, and I’ll use any excuse to be outside interacting with nature, whether combing woods and beaches, bushwhacking through mountains, or free-diving in Puget Sound. Finding a gourmet meal is a pretty good excuse, too.

17 thoughts on “Dept. of Horn Tooting

  1. LC

    Lo – Thanks very much!

    Valereee – Good to see you around these parts again. I see that Cinci Locavore has some new contributors fighting the good fight.

    Heather – The inspiration is mutual!

    Matt – We got our copy yesterday and my boy brought it to school for show-and-tell. How cool is that?

  2. Emily

    hey! how about some love for the person who talked endlessly about your blog to Eric Steinman until he went and looked at it to shut me up?


  3. dp

    You are on a roll! Congratulations! My mom got me a subscription to BA for Christmas, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Will need to track down this issue.

  4. LC

    Hey Emily! I flushed the lurker…look at the post again (the magic of the interwebs).

    Darlene – Gratsi! It just hit the stands this week. Lotsa good comfort food recipes, too.

  5. mdmnm

    Not so much “horn tooting” as hitting the big time. Congrats! Well deserved for all the hard work and good information you’ve put into the blog.

  6. sally s.

    Innocently strolling through Bon App recently and there you were, a familiar face in the middle of a famous magazine! You’re a fine voice for the concept of place, of a locale and its indigenous foods. Congratulations Lang.

  7. Tiffany

    I am new to your blog and was excited to see your article in BA. I have recently purchased a cabin in the Gifford Pinchot and have tons of nettles. I have not used them in food in fear of poising myself, do you recommend any resources for newbies regarding nettles for consumption? Thanks!

  8. Mark Sicignano

    Cool. I just started a free subscription of Bon Appetit and this was the first issue.

    Having just finished reading Omnivore’s Dilemma and being intrigued about “foraging”, I had subscribed to your blog. Very cool. I look forward to seeing you on p26!

  9. Josh Bendick

    Great blog and congratulations. Happy to have found it through B.A. I’m excited that the Miners Lettuce is popping up now here in the Sierra Nevada foothills.


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