Maybe this is one of those had to be there moments but I can’t resist sharing this short video with you all. The past two weeks of cabin-sitting a friend’s place off the grid in the remote Rogue River Canyon of southwestern Oregon was mostly a quiet affair, a vacation away from cell phones, laptops, blogging, Twitter, and the rest of the plugged-in foofaraws. 
Instead we basked in that rare Cascadian commodity, sunlight. These were dog days to be sure, with a few afternoons hitting triple digits. We swam in the river and didn’t think twice about unanswered emails or what wild food options might be afoot. For that matter, the foraging was slim anyway. Chinook salmon had already pushed through on their way to upstream spawning grounds and fall steelhead had yet to arrive; it was still too dry for mushrooms and the evergreen huckleberries were just beginning to form hard, green little nodules on the bushes.
Come dusk, though, when the heat dropped a notch and does brought their fawns to the meadow to browse, the lazy day was given a jolt of earthly electricity…

10 thoughts on “Batty

  1. ladyflyfsh

    not sure why this thing doesn’t use my username …sorry Lang…will try this again…funny video. Looks like you had a good time. I emailed you that DNA report.

  2. evalyn

    I’m so pleased to see children amazed and amused by bats instead of afraid. May they always retain that spirit.

  3. Jamie Cameron

    Great video. Thanks for the laugh. Unfortunately, yours may be a rare experience in the coming years as bat populations in North America crash due to an insidious fungal disease called White-nose syndrome. It is attacking bats in their wintering caves and is believed to spread from site to site by cavers who carry the spores on their unwashed gear.

  4. sally

    One of the daily pleasures of rafting down the Colorado R. these past two weeks was the evening appearance of bats by the thousands who then stayed busy until well past first morning light. I kept wanting to see them emerge from their hiding places. So . . . loved this video and your going batty over bats.

  5. Danny

    I liked your shared video it seemed to me some funny, jovial and cool for your family members.
    In the videos your children are very happy and enjoying alot are much much important to you.


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